The Naperville Area Chamber Political Action Committee (NACPAC) has endorsed Jeanne Ives for re-election to the Illinois State House and Jim Healy for re-election to the DuPage County Board. The PAC endorses David Olsen for election to the Illinois State House and Janice Anderson for election to the DuPage County Board. NACPAC did not offer endorsements where there was no electoral challenge.

The 2016 general election endorsement decisions are:

State House Races:

House 42nd District (Lisle, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield). Two-year term. One opening.

Jeanne Ives. Incumbent member of the Illinois State House, former member Wheaton City Council. West Point Academy Graduate, Army Veteran. In endorsing Ives, NACPAC offered the following statement:

“Jeanne Ives is a passionate advocate for the state’s taxpayers and job creators. Ives isn’t afraid to let you know where she stands and is committed to ending waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer resources. Ives isn’t afraid to fight, even if she is standing alone. If the General Assembly were filled with more independent voices like Ives, the fiscal tomfoolery and political antics that have replaced legislating would end.

“In an era of sound bites, Ives lets her constituents know where she stands on issues with thoughtful policy briefings and data driven decisions. For her refreshing independence and advocacy for taxpayers, Ives is endorsed.

House 81st District (Downers Grove, Naperville, Westmont, Woodridge). Two-year term.  One opening.

David Olsen. Incumbent member of the Illinois House. Vice-Chairman Board of Trustees of College of DuPage and former member Downers Grove Village Council. In endorsing Olsen, the Naperville Area Chamber PAC offered the following statement:

“David Olsen is a part of a new generation that are fixing the mess left by previous administrations. During his meteoric rise in public service, Olsen has demonstrated fiscal restraint, sound judgment and the temperament to find compromise. From calming tumult at College of DuPage, to stepping up to serve in Springfield, Olsen has shown a commitment to voting in the best interest of taxpayers, businesses and job-creators.

“Olsen believes in the ideals of public service, and walked away from his professional career for the opportunity to serve the residents and businesses of this district.

DuPage County Board:

District 5 (Aurora, Naperville, Lisle). Four-year term. One opening.

Jim Healy. Incumbent serving since 2000 and local attorney in private practice. In endorsing Healy, NACPAC offered the following statement:

“Over the years, Jim Healy has demonstrated his commitment to District 5 and to making DuPage County a better place. One of the most dedicated public servants we know of, Healy devotes an enormous amount of energy and time in his efforts to serve. Healy is synonymous with DuPage County transportation and infrastructure projects and he has built relationships in Springfield and Washington to help find resources to improve the quality of life of the region.

“Healy knows the details of the budget and what the County can afford. Healy’s helped cut spending, reform government and make investments to the County’s critical infrastructure.  With Healy in the driver’s seat, DuPage County will continue to invest in improving our economy and reducing traffic congestion, while holding the line on taxes. Healy is endorsed for re-election.”

District 5 (Aurora, Naperville, Lisle). Two-year term. One opening.

Janice Anderson. Challenger, incumbent Trustee of Naperville Township and community volunteer. In endorsing Anderson, NACPAC offered the following statement:

“Janice Anderson has proven to be a voice for reform and fought against the bureaucratic status quo that serves insiders over taxpayers. A leader on the Naperville Township Board of Trustees, Anderson has shown a passion to improve government to save taxpayers money. At the County, Anderson will continue the ongoing transformation to make DuPage County a model of efficient government.

“For voters desiring a new direction this election, Anderson is a change agent with a proven record of reform. Anderson is endorsed for the DuPage County Board.”